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About to culture yeast from three different flowers (nectarine, cornelian cherry, magnolia butterfly) received from Art Whitaker. #LocalYeastProject  #Nashville
We're ready to throw down at #ENBF! #LocalYeastProject #DIYeast #Nashville
You know what day it's #FungusFriday! Here's a picture taken by @highlandparkbrewery of a #Brettanomyces pellicle created by Pithos Isolate #1.
As part of our #DIYeast series, here's a video on streaking agar plates. Who's gonna isolate their own #wildyeast and become the next Contributor? #localyeastproject #bootlegbrewscience #beerscience
Kicking off our in-house solera barrel using a modified #lambic technique. Clockwise from top left: stiff mash (1:1 qts to lbs), outside post-boil cooling/inoculation, and into the barrel with some Pithos to jump start fermentation. #homebrew #wildyeast
We're going to be at this year's East Nashville Beer Fest! We'll have t-shirts and supplies for sale, and doing geeky yeast wrangling demos. Come stop by our booth!


What Is bootleg biology?

Bootleg Biology is an open source yeast (and wild bugs) project whose goal is to create the most diverse library of microbes for the creation of alcoholic and fermented beverages.

All microbes are only sourced and isolated from “bootleg” sources such as: backyard’s across America, kombucha, yogurt, honey, fruit, bottle dregs, and whatever else we can get our hands on.

Other enthusiasts also contribute their yeast or house cultures to the project, with the shared goal of enriching everyone’s access to diverse microbes.

Bootleg Biology is the first organization to pioneer the collection and cultivation of official yeast strains for U.S. cities and states as part of its Local Yeast Project, beginning with the original S. Arlingtonesis.

How It Works

Bootleg Biology is currently in the research and development phase. In the near future anyone who visits will be able to order any available yeast or bugs. Samples will be sent two-day with a cold pack to keep them at their freshest during shipment. Those who haven’t contributed to the yeast project will cover the cost of shipping and handling.

Become A Contributor

So you want to become a Contributor? First step, use the contact form and let us know the following:

  1. What zip code was your culture harvested at? New strains for our Local Yeast Project are our top priority.
  2. What was the source? Specific fruit, barrel swab, wild yeast starter in your backyard, etc.
  3. Do you have photos you took while harvesting? Everyone digs seeing your awesome yeast collection methods, so document it!
  4. How are you able to send a culture sample? Plates and slants work great. If you only have a liquid culture, a plastic homebrew yeast vial, test tube, or a tightly sealed old jam jar also get the job done.


Once we hear from you, we’ll respond with delivery instructions.

After a unique yeast or wild bug culture is provided to Bootleg Biology, you will be confirmed and can begin receiving your benefits.

Contributor Benefits

For each new strain or blend provided to the project, we’ll provide a one-to-one exchange of anything Bootleg Biology offers with shipping fees waived. Just let us know what you’re looking for.

You’ll get recognition on the Big Board as a contributor for each strain, with a link from your name to whatever web presence you’d like referred to (blog, Instagram/Twitter handle, etc).

Last but not least, you’ll receive 25% off all Bootleg Biology merch and swag. Contact us for the discount code before you order.

* By becoming a Contributor you agree to our Terms & Conditions. They’re pretty straight-forward, and we hope make sense based on our mission.