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We're ready to throw down at #ENBF! #LocalYeastProject #DIYeast #Nashville
You know what day it's #FungusFriday! Here's a picture taken by @highlandparkbrewery of a #Brettanomyces pellicle created by Pithos Isolate #1.
As part of our #DIYeast series, here's a video on streaking agar plates. Who's gonna isolate their own #wildyeast and become the next Contributor? #localyeastproject #bootlegbrewscience #beerscience
Kicking off our in-house solera barrel using a modified #lambic technique. Clockwise from top left: stiff mash (1:1 qts to lbs), outside post-boil cooling/inoculation, and into the barrel with some Pithos to jump start fermentation. #homebrew #wildyeast
We're going to be at this year's East Nashville Beer Fest! We'll have t-shirts and supplies for sale, and doing geeky yeast wrangling demos. Come stop by our booth!
Dance, #Pediococcus, dance. #truebacteria #bootlegbrewscience #beerscience #lactobacillus

Local Yeast Project

The french call it “terroir”, we call it the Local Yeast Project. If you want to make a beer truly local, you’ve got to have a local yeast. Lucky for you, every city across the U.S. is chock full of wild yeast ready and willing to make a lunch out of your barley sugar.

Bootleg Biology is the first organization to pioneer the collection and cultivation of official yeast strains for U.S. cities and states as part of the Local Yeast Project, beginning with the original S. Arlingtonesis.

Now you can finally make a beer style that is totally unique to where you live or other parts of the country, since the characteristics of each local yeast will impart a taste and aroma unlike any other.

Here’s what Bootleg Biology currently has available, with many more in the pipeline.

Strain Catalog Rancher City State Year Isolated Species?
Music City Myces BB37212 @melloknows Nashville TN 2014 S. cerevisiae?
Blackberry BB98225 Todd Quessenberry Bellingham WA 2013 TBD
S. arlingtonesis BB22204 @melloknows Arlington VA 2013 S. cerevisiae?
Lady of the Lake BB28746 @melloknows Lake Lure NC 2013 TBD
C.S. #2 BB80907B @melloknows Colorado Springs CO 2013 TBD
C.S. #1 BB80907A @melloknows Colorado Springs CO 2013 TBD