Homebrew Culture Ordering & Shipping Policy

Bootleg Biology wants you to enjoy your culture purchase and the fruits of your fermentation. Since this purchase is not being made face-to-face, it’s helpful for everyone to understand our basic policy regarding the ordering and shipping of our cultures to prevent misunderstanding. We feel confident you’re going to enjoy your experience and cultures!


Due to our current limited propagation capacity, at this time each purchaser is limited to ordering one pack of each available culture per week. This will allow more people to have access to cultures until we’re able to increase production. We reserve the right to cancel orders and refund payments if it appears likely this limit was not honored by purchaser. We really want cultures to get into the hands of as many people as possible! UPDATE: We have removed all ordering limits. Thanks to your support we’ve been able to increase our production capacity. Thank you!

Culture purchases are limited to the U.S.A at this time.

Cultures are not permitted for resale unless previously agreed to by Bootleg Biology LLC.


Due to the potential for weather extremes and their effect on culture health, all cultures will be shipped no slower than with an estimated 2 to 3 day delivery timeframe. Please check the USPS Priority Mail map and type “37210” to see if you live in an area with 1, 2 or 3 day estimated delivery. We cannot guarantee these delivery times due to variations in extreme weather events, increased seasonal carrier volume or other uncontrollable circumstances.

Cultures will only be shipped Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to help prevent them from sitting in shipping facilities on Sundays. All culture purchases will be shipped with a free ice pack (1 to 3 culture packs will receive one ice pack, 4 or more culture packs will receive two or more; please contact us prior to ordering if you wish to pay for more ice packs). We cannot guarantee ideal temperatures will be maintained in the shipment box, especially during very warm or cool days. Please consult your local weather report and order accordingly, and additionally monitor your provided tracking information for estimated delivery dates.

Our cultures should remain viable for at least 3 months at normal refrigerator temperatures. We highly recommend creating a starter for any cultures that will be used for primary fermentation (minimum 500ml starter for a 5-gallon batch). Starters for mixed cultures that include Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) should be kept under 70ºF. If you do not see activity after 72 hours in a properly made starter within 3 months of the pack date, please contact us and we will do our best to send you a replacement culture (either same or similar). Replacement of non-viable cultures will not be provided due to purchaser not being home or available for original delivery date, or due to rerouting by shipping provider and/or purchaser.

If you have not received your cultures within 72 hours after shipment, please consult your tracking information. If the shipping provider states your cultures have been lost, please contact us and let us know if you would like a refund or new cultures shipped. We will coordinate with shipping providers regarding lost packages.

Homebrew Culture Orders with Merchandise or Lab Supplies:

To help you save on shipping costs, we will wait to ship any non-Homebrew Culture items (Merchandise, Lab Supplies, etc) from your order until your Homebrew Cultures are ready to ship so that everything can be shipped together. If you would like non-Homebrew Cultures shipped sooner, please order these items separately.

Updated: 3/3/17