RECIPE: FerMENTORS Series – Jester King Brewery

Within a catalog of legendary beers, Jester King’s Le Petit Prince uniquely stands out as an oak-aged, Belgian-style table beer refermented on fruit. What better way to show off this rare culture than by highlighting its use in a beer with such beautiful, delicate flavors. Jester King’s Culture is now available […]

RECIPE: FerMENTORS Series – Embrace The Funk

Brandon Jones, has been a friend and proponent of Bootleg for many years. His original ETF blog, created over a decade ago, helped pull back the curtain on sour beer making for an audience eager for any morsel of information. Using his journalistic credentials, Brandon has explored complicated techniques and […]

RECIPE: FerMENTORS Series – The Rare Barrel

The early days of American wild and sour beer brewing were full of hearsay and guesswork, as Americans paid homage to centuries of European mixed culture brewing. Out of that darkness came Jay Goodwin, Co-Founder and CEO of The Rare Barrel, whose show The Sour Hour interviewed the most talented […]