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Check it out! Bootleg Biology is featured in the cover story for the August issue of BeerAdvocate magazine.

Aleszu Bajak wrote an awesome portrait of Yeast Ranching and the “Yeast Cowboys” who are breaking new ground in the brewing world, pioneering new sources and methods for cultivating wild yeast and funky bugs.

In my interview with Aleszu, we discussed how Saccharomyces arlingtonesis was sourced from my backyard, simple but effective techniques for sourcing and isolating wild bugs, as well as the uniqueness of Bootleg Biology’s mission.

The prominent placement of this article, as well as interviews with Anchorage Brewing and White Labs in addition to BKYeast and myself, show that yeast enthusiasts like you and I are at the forefront of something groundbreaking. We’re nearing the tipping point in the next craft beer revolution, let’s do this together!

So What’s Next For Bootleg Biology?

Continuing to add more strains at a rapid pace, another reason to sign up for email updates (panel on the right), and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

These are the new strains we’ve been working on:

– Foeder’s Folly, strains isolated from swabs of a well-known sour brewery.

– Kimchi, seriously, it will be funky and awesome. You’re going to freak out once you see the photos.

– Local Yeast Project additions from Colorado Springs, CO and Lake Lure, NC.

– New strains from our awesome Contributors. Bootleg Biology is an open-source yeast project, so we all win the more everyone contributes. It’s easy, just use the Contact Form, and soon your name will be on the Big Board.

Working to get Bootleg Biology’s yeast and bugs into the hands of brewers as well as homebrewers. Check out The Mad Fermentationist’s latest post on Modern Times’ Sour Beer program in which he mentions experimenting with S. arlingtonesis, Honey Lee and Kombucha. We’ve also got a few other breweries in the works, so stay tuned.

Building the online store so that those who wish to only purchase strains can do so through Of course, if you’re going to be out in the wilderness searching for exotic yeast to contribute, you’ll want to do it in style. Bootleg Biology swag store will also be coming soon.

And one last thing, stay tuned for our next blog post, the Bootleg Biology Do-It-Yourself Guide to Yeast Ranching.

Remember, you’re at the forefront of the next revolution in craft brewing. We’re going to do some amazing things together.

To fermentation!

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