We’re Selling Our Soul

Now On Sale At DC Homebrew Shop

Now On Sale At DC Homebrew Shop

Luckily, Bootleg Biology’s soul is 100% yeast derived! The big news is that two of our strains (S. arlingtonesis & Pithos Lambic Blend) are now available for purchase at the DC Homebrew Shop. These are being created in very small quantities, so get them while they last.

We made the big announcement at last month’s AHA Rally held at 3 Stars Brewing, which houses the DC Homebrew Shop. The No Call, No Show Podcast was broadcasting from the rally. They interviewed several participants, including myself in which we discussed Bootleg Biology and the Local Yeast Project. Check it out at the 23:36 minute mark.

Part 2 of our DIY series, Creating Plates, is now up on the site. If you’ve already charged ahead and Captured Wild Yeast, you’ll now want to create your own agar plates. The third and final part in the series, on streaking and isolating yeast, will be coming soon, promise! It’ll be worth the wait, because at the end you’ll have isolated you’re own yeast strain. Serious!

We’ve also been busy traveling the globe in search of the most exotic and unique microbes possible. During the Bootlegger’s 2013 Euro Vacation we swabbed rose hips in Cambridge, England; hand-picked native berries in rural Kinsale, Ireland; hiked a trail in Sao Miguel that took us to a waterfall as well wild berries, apples and honeysuckle; and finally got ahold of grapes from a family vineyard in the mountains of Bulgaria. Check out the slideshow below:

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Last but not least, we’ll be in Denver for the rest of week celebrating the Craft Beer spectacle that is GABF. I’ll be attending What the Funk!? on Friday evening, as well as the Saturday Members Session. So don’t be a stranger, let’s geek out on yeast.

To Fermentation!

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