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Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit

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I’m very excited to announce the launch of the Bootleg Biology Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit!

Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit

A Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit in its natural habitat

The Tool Kit includes everything the experimental homebrewer needs to capture wild bugs, create agar plates, and isolate wild yeast: detailed instructions, half-gallon capture vessel, bug membrane systems, sterile cotton swabs, test tubes, pipettes, special Wild Yeast Agar blend, sterile petri dishes, ParaFilm, Fermetrics™ stickers, and the famous Bootleg inoculation loop (a paper clip).

As an added bonus, each kit comes with a Bootleg Biology Contributor pack. Once you’ve isolated a strain, becoming a Contributor is a simple as sticking a cultured swab in a pre-paid envelope and dropping it in a mailbox.

Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kits are now available online or through your local homebrew store. There is a YouTube video up, with yours truly acting as a hand model, demonstrating how to use different parts of the kit. Want to see Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit’s at your local homebrew store? Let us know where!

Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit Info Sheet

Check out the info sheet PDF

To help make using the Tool Kit as easy as possible, we’ve also beefed up the DIYeast section of the website with more detailed information, graphics and a streaking video.

In what I think is a first, we’ve created the Microbe Portrait Gallery; a handy visual reference guide to the morphology (size, shape & color) of some of the most common brewing and fermentation bugs. The page has pictures of Brewer’s Yeast, Brettanomyces, and Lactobacillus on agar plates and under magnification. This will help you figure out quickly what kind of microbe you may have isolated using the Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit.

And last but not least, to celebrate we’ve made shipping free on all Bootleg Biology Logo T-Shirts. Get fitted and fermented!

To fermentation!


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