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The release of the Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit has been very exciting for Bootleg Biology.  It’s now being sold in 10 national and local homebrew stores! And more on the way.

So what now? We’re going to keep on working to get the Tool Kit into more homebrew stores (incredibly, our massive social media campaign has yet to reach ALL of the estimated 1.2 million homebrewers in the U.S.). So make sure you tell your friends interested in yeast wrangling about the Tool Kit, and let us know if you want to see the Tool Kit in your LHBS.

For those of you who have already used the Tool Kit to capture, culture and isolate your wild or bottle-conditioned yeast strain. Now what? Obviously, there’s no hope for you. You’re a certified yeast wrangler, you just the need the tools to keep on wrangling!

That’s why we’re excited to introduce even more lab tools for yeast wranglers, specifically the first Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit Official Refills:

Wild Yeast Agar Blend

60 grams, powder. Enough to make approximately 30 agar plates (petri dishes not included).

Petri dishes are 90mm size, 50% larger than dishes included in Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit…increasing the ease of isolating a colony on the first try.


Bootleg + Beer = Cheesy Bootleg Glass

Bootleg + Beer = Proper Glassware

We’re also extremely thrilled to announce that we have an official home for Bootleg Biology HQ in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Nashville, TN!

At the moment we’re hard at work putting together a space in the building to house the lab and bank for the open source yeast project. We’re also looking for interns to work in the lab, so drop us a line if you’re interested!

Having an official HQ will only make our goal of getting a wild, local yeast from every zipcode in the U.S. that much more achievable (still a crazy goal, though). To track our progress, we’ve created a Community section of our website to highlight our growing lists of Contributors, Breweries experimenting with our yeast, and the Capture Board showing what we’ve collected as part of this audacious goal.  Ready to add your name to the list?  Become a Contributor.

Banking Yeast

Banking Yeast Like A Champ

Eventually we plan to hold classes at Bootleg Biology HQ on homebrewing, yeast wrangling and food fermentation. We’re going to work to make this a place for people in the community and around the world to learn about the beauty of fermentation, and to see and interact with science in a very cool way. Stay tuned for more!

And last but not least, what could be a better way to celebrate lab tools and Bootleg Biology’s HQ than a new page on DIYeast? Read Banking Microbes and learn to easily store your microbes long term, just like the pros. No phD or lab coat required!

Until next time.

To fermentation!

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