Local Yeast Project Study & “Barrel Culture” T-Shirts

Thank you for making our first yeast launch this summer such a success! To all you fine people patiently waiting for our next homebrew cultures release, we apologize for the delay and we’ll have an announcement for you soon!  In the meantime, we have some equally exciting news to share:

We’re Going Back to School: Local Yeast Project Academic Study

If you tuned into my recent appearance on the Fermentation Nation podcast, you were one of the first to know some exciting news.

Bootleg Biology with be assisting University of Washington Yeast Geneticist Maitreya Dunham’s study of new, wild-sourced yeast hybrids and purebred strains. The study is funded by a National Science Foundation grant expected to last four years.

Local Yeast Project (logo)

We’ll soon start sending Maitreya cultures from our Local Yeast Project bank to be PCRed. Based on the PCR results and other research from the study, some cultures will be picked to have their genome sequenced. We hope to start getting information on the cultures before the end of the year.

What does this mean for current and future Local Yeast Project Contributors?

There is a good chance we’ll find out the species of the culture you contribute!

Even more exciting, we may potentially learn if the culture is a previously unknown species and what yeast species were likely its parents. While we can’t guarantee your cultures will be part of the study, due to the study being funded for multiple years, there is a very good chance.

This is why right now is a perfect time to become a part of Bootleg Biology and contribute to the Local Yeast Project!

So does a culture have to be isolated to be sent in to become a part of the LYP and potentially the study?

Nope! We have always accepted isolated and mixed local yeast cultures, and will continue to do so. We just ask that you’ve previously fermented with the culture and that it doesn’t include any commercial cultures (lab or bottle dreg sourced). For more info on requirements, check out our Become a Contributor page.

Are you Barrel’y Cultured?

With the huge interest in our seasonal Sour Solera Blend, we thought it’d be fun to create a piece of swag for barrel and mixed-culture fermentation enthusiasts like yourself!

Bootleg Biology "Barrel Culture" T-Shirt

We’re officially taking pre-orders now through the end of next week for our brand new “Barrel Culture” T-Shirt.

This shirt features original, hand-drawn illustrations of a fermenting barrel containing the four horsemen of mixed-culture fermentations: Sacch, Brett, Lacto & Pedio.

Make no mistake: Once you wear this shirt, the world will never doubt that your wild microbe geekery is at an epic level.

The shirt is a dark, heather gray super soft cotton-blend. Men’s sizes are Small through 2XL, and Ladies are Small through XL.

Shirts will start shipping roughly two weeks after the pre-order close date of September 27.

And shipping is free!

Check out the product page and reserve your shirt today!

We’re also having a sale on our Bootleg Biology Logo T-Shirts, which will only be $14.99 for a short period time. So swoop one up while supplies last!

To Fermentation!

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