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I was told at Homebrew Con to never apologize for not blogging. So let’s skip right to the good stuff!

New Homebrew Culture Release
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We’re long overdue for another culture release, so we’re really excited to announce homebrew cultures will be available for pre-sale again this Monday, October 31 at 10am CT. Pre-sales will then close 24 Hours later.

Orders will then be shipped out November 14 to 16. If there are any extra packs after all orders have shipped, we’ll make them available online.

Even more exciting, there are two new cultures that will be available:

  • Saison Parfait: New World Saison Blend –  A curated blend of unique saison cultures. Pairs classic pepper & spice saison phenolics with prominent juicy fruit esters that evoke citrus and lemon peel, and a touch of banana for complexity. Even more unique, it finishes with a balanced, full-bodied and silky mouthfeel despite its high attenuation.
  • Funk Weapon #3 – Versatile Brett culture sourced from a Dry-Hopped Lambic. Creates wildly different flavor and aroma profiles depending on the age of fermentation. Young fermentations produce mild musty funk and ripe tropical fruit, while older and bottle conditioned ferments show off unique flavors and aromas of strawberry, cherry and tropical candy.

We’ll be rereleasing most of our previous cultures as well:

  1. Chardonnay
  2. Funk Weapon #1
  3. Funk Weapon #2
  4. S. arlingtonesis
  5. Sour Solera Blend (Fall 2016 Edition)
  6. Sour Weapon

We’ve spent a lot of time growing our capacity in the past few months, so now we can sell all our cultures in 1 BBL pitches year round directly through our Shop. This is a great option for Homebrew Clubs or barrel projects. Just select the 1 BBL option under “Pitch Size” on the culture product page. For larger sized pitches, check out our Commercial Page.

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce we’re discontinuing The Magi yeast culture. Popularized by a certain Vermont brewery that originated the New England IPA style, the “Conan” strain is very easy to find now that it’s available from most yeast companies. We’d like to put all of our focus on making available unique cultures and blends that can’t be found anywhere else. Luckily, we think our Chardonnay culture does an equally amazing job accentuating fruit-forward hops in IPAs. Try it out!

Bootleg Biology in Brewing Local Book14278958_1780731825517733_1156640938_n

I was super excited when I heard Stan Hieronymus, author of “Brew Like A Monk” and “For the Love of Hops“, was writing a book about brewing with local ingredients. It was quite an honor to be interviewed by Stan for “Brewing Local“. Even cooler, he talked about Bootleg and the exciting things happening with the Local Yeast Project in Chapter 6 (Foraging for Yeast)!

“Brewing Local” also has a ton of great information about brewing with local plants, and has recipes for indigenous American beers. Definitely pick up a copy!

Embrace The Funk Collaboration


It’s awesome being part of the local brewing community here in Nashville. And we’re lucky enough to have made a ton of friendships with the people making great beer every day in the place where we live. So when Brandon Jones (AKA, Embrace The Funk) suggested doing a collaboration, we jumped at the chance!

In the Fall of 2015 we created a custom blend of yeast and bacteria that was pitched into a Merlot barrel holding Blonde Ale wort. Gold Rainier cherries and vanilla beans were later added for a secondary fermentation. The beer debuted this September as the fifth special release available only to Yazoo/ETF Citizens in the State of Funk. This beer tastes amazing! If you have a bottle, share it with your best friends…because it’s something special!

To fermentation!


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