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Bootleg Biology is officially releasing our first Norwegian farmhouse yeasts: OSLO & AURORA, and they are ridiculous. Both will be available for the first time starting March 11!

OSLO came to us when Eik & Tid generously gave me a bottle of their raw beer Brom. I got to hang with Amund & crew last year in Amsterdam during Carnivale Brett. Not only was the beer fantastic, but we were able to isolate one of the most unique yeasts I’ve ever come across.

We did our best to beat the hell out of OSLO, but it.would.not.make.bad.beer. Test ferments at 98F/37C produced a beer that tasted like a nice, cold-fermented lager! Truly a modern way to brew a farmhouse ale!

Unlike most other Norwegian farmhouse yeast, OSLO is a bottom-fermenting yeast closely related to S. pastorianus, S. uvarum & S. bayanus

AURORA creates pleasant orange and citrus esters that perfectly complement beers with fruit-forward hops.

AURORA is a gift to homebrewers & craft brewers alike.

Homebrewers can stop worrying about temperature control. There’s no need to brew seasonally when you can let your beer rise up to 98F and have no noticeable off flavors!

For pro brewers who can’t turn around tanks fast enough, AURORA can get you into the brite tank in as little as three days when fermented hot.

Your first chance to order our new OSLO and AURORA cultures is during the next Homebrew Culture Pre-Sale, which begins Monday, March 11 at Noon CT and ends on Sunday, March 17. All orders will then ship between April 1 and April 10.

Since brewing season is kicking up again,  you’ll also be able to pick up fresh packs of:

Commercial-sized pitches (1 to 30 BBL) of our core strains are available 24/7 through the Bootleg Shop.

Upcoming Events

In 2019 the Bootleg Crew and I will be bouncing around the globe to hang out with friends and make new ones in the craft beer & homebrewing community. If you’ll be at any of these events, please stop us and say hi or shoot us an email so we link up.

PCR Contamination Testing

We do a lot of fun sciencing behind the scenes at Bootleg. Our newest toy is a thermocycler that allows us to do PCR-based testing for common brewery contaminants like Diastaticus-positive yeast, Brettanomyces, hop resistant bacteria and more baddies. Some samples can even produce results the same day they’re received!

Check out our Commercial Services page for more info or to start the testing process.

To Fermentation!

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