Flash OSLO Homebrew Pack Release

We have fresh OSLO homebrew packs available right now in our shop.

There’s a limited supply of both standard OSLO and Gluten Free versions. And for those that have asked, the Gluten Free OSLO makes Gluten Full homebrew perfectly! These packs are primarily for our friends making ciders, wines, seltzers, etc, who want their ferment to remain gluten free.

OSLO homebrew packs are in inventory NOW. No multiweek presale waiting. That also means, whatever is in inventory on our website is exactly what we have. We’ll sell them until they’re gone.

All homebrew packs will ship out via FedEx 2 Day Air (unless you’re in our 1 Day Ground area), as FedEx is fully operational. We still are not shipping homebrew packs direct internationally at this point, but we do have plans to make this an option in the near future. Please review our shipping policy and be patient as we get everything shipped during these unusual times.

Bootleg Biology will remain fully operational while our team members are healthy and we all feel its safe to do so. That means we’re still propagating and shipping commercial pitches.

Everyone here has been thinking for months about our next homebrew launch. For a million reasons it just didn’t make sense to do a full release right now.

Bootleg will have a full scale homebrew launch with unique, new cultures as soon as it makes sense to do so. Please sign up for our email list to ensure you get notified of those future dates.

If you love a craft brewery, meadery, cidery, distillery or any other small business in your community, please find a way to support them if you’re able. These businesses are cornerstones of our community, and they’re hurting right now.

Taprooms and craft beer bars are gathering spaces for friends and families. That loss to our communities is painful enough.

But a significant number of breweries rely on taproom revenue to stay alive, and their ability to weather this storm will be severely impacted by much needed public space closure mandates.

The craft beer industry as a whole employs over half a million people.

Check your local’s social media feeds for how you can support them. Many breweries are offering packaged draft beers, cans and bottles to go while their taprooms are temporarily closed. Gift cards are good options too!

Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support Bootleg Biology. For those of you ramping up your brewing at home with Bootleg cultures, tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so we can all share a bit of joy right now.

Please stay safe friends, and never stop fermenting.

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