🧪🧫🦠Watch Out! The Creatures Are Escaping: Monday, October 26!

Buckle up, we’re unleashing our culture bank on the world soon! On Monday, October 26 at Noon CT we’ll have fresh homebrew packs of all our core cultures plus a few surprises! Everything listed on the website will be in inventory while supplies last and ready to ship within one week.

Tasting Through 13 Sour Solera Versions!

Sour Solera Special Edition

2020 is a special year for Bootleg…it’s our 5th year of producing homebrew cultures! [everything seemed so innocent back in 2015…] To celebrate this huge milestone, we decided to dig deep into our bank of cultures to pull out a few surprises.

Earlier this year our team fired up a ton of test batches using the same wort, and pitched every variation of Sour Solera we’ve ever made. Bootleg has been producing about 3 new Sour Solera versions every year since we started, so the tasting session was INTENSE. Our crack team of yeast wranglers then decided their favorite blends, and are now rereleasing them back into the wild!

The Special Edition Sour Soleras are:

  • BBXSS-1115: Sour Solera Blend Fall 2015 “Louis” – The Fall 2015 Blend creates overwhelming pineapple sour candy funk. Our most aggressive bacteria blend, this Solera culture creates very acidic beer while still presenting a complex sourness.
  • BBXSS-1118: Sour Solera Blend Fall 2018 “Anton” – Ideal for making flavorful and well balanced mixed culture and farmhouse beer styles. The Fall 2018 Blend creates an abundance of tropical fruit juiciness with a refreshing tart saison background.
  • BBXSS-1119: Sour Solera Blend Fall 2019 “Sandor” – Dry, funky & floral with an underlying lemon tartness. This blend managed to make a flavor and aroma profile that was most similar to classic Gueuze, all in under 3 months!

And because 3 Sour Solera releases didn’t seem like enough, we have a new, never before released blend for this month, BBXSS-0920!

Here’s the list of all cultures that will be available starting October 26:

This poster is giving me Geese Protrusions!

We want as many people as possible to be able to order their favorite cultures, that’s why there is a max 3 packs per culture per person order limit.

We can’t thank you enough for all your support of Bootleg!

Canadian Homebrewer Alert!

For the very first time, we’re opening up direct shipments to Canada! We’ve negotiated with FedEx to create the lowest possible price for direct shipment via FedEx International Priority (estimated 2 to 3 day delivery).

When checking out at the Bootleg Shop, customers in Canada (shipping address) will receive a shipping quote based on number of homebrew cultures ordered and where the shipping address is located. Please review our updated shipping policy as rare situations may occur in which the Canadian government may assess duties or inspection fees.

It’s…ALIVE and in your mailbox.

What better way to announce a homebrew culture release during Halloween season than with a poster showing off a Bootleg Biology Mad Scientist?!

We originally had this poster idea to promote the “Secrets of a Yeast Lab Exposed!” workshop that would have taken place at Homebrew Con Nashville. Thankfully our talented friend Jonathan Costa kept plugging away and completed an amazing piece of art!

For all orders of 7 homebrew cultures or more, we’ll be mailing you a print of this original Bootleg Biology artwork as a thank you.

Be sure to check out Jonathan’s other impressive work.

To Fermentation!

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