🥊Let the Lager Battle Begin: OSLO vs REGAL!

Homebrew Cultures are back! We’re excited to announce another full pre-sale of homebrew cultures.

The unpredictable nature of the covid world made propagating, packaging and shipping cultures in a reasonable timeframe extremely difficult. That meant some brewers missed out on our small batch runs of BETAs, Special Editions, Bootleg Classics and even core cultures.

No more. We’re doing a full pre-sale release of all our cultures with no order limits!

Our Spring 2021 Homebrew Culture Pre-Sale starts Monday, March 15 at NOON CT and closes on Sunday, March 21. We’re planning to ship orders between the weeks of April 5th and April 12th.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated on shipping timelines as some things may cause delays that are out of our control. You will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number when your order ships.

OSLO vs REGAL: Which will win the title of Best Fast Lagering Culture?

We did a special sneak release of REGAL at the end of last year. For those that tried it, the reviews have been awesome!

When we first unleashed OSLO on the world it blew our minds that it made super clean lager-like beers in a couple days.

REGAL is now here to give OSLO the ultimate challenge: which culture makes the BEST, QUICK and even AUTHENTIC tasting lagers.

Make both cultures duke it out in a side-by-side split batch to see which is your favorite for crispy yellow beer, cold IPAs or even classic malty lager styles like dunkels and schwarzbier.

Leave us a REGAL or OSLO review to let us know which wins. If REGAL does we’ll roll it out year round!

Bootleg BETA: How experimental are you?

We realized early on that 2020 was going be no normal year. Because we have such a deep bank of cultures we decided to release a few BETAs that were almost ready for primetime.

Try them out and let us know what you think!

Bootleg Classics: If it isn’t broke, why fix it?

Not long after the pandemic hit, Nashville lost its last remaining homebrew store. Suddenly we had a stream of new homebrewers knocking on our door hoping to pick up no nonsense yeast strains to kick off their homebrewing careers.

That’s why we started carrying these beloved classics in homebrew packs. And now you get to see how our versions compare to your tried and true strains for IPAs, English Ales and countless other styles:

Tired of the same old cultures? Try a new take on these styles:


Non-traditional Lagers

Quick and Long Term Sour Beer Brewing

Farmhouse Beers and Saisons


Naked heads are sad heads

Whether you’re brewing outside on a chilly day or hiking in the country side, you can show the world your love of experimental cultures.

You can now throw on a one-size-fits all Bootleg Logo beanie in totally awesome Black, Navy Blue, Red, Gray, Highlighter Yellow, Highlighter Green!

We can’t thank you enough for all your support of Bootleg!

To Fermentation!

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