We collaborated with Gizmo Brew Works, CLS Farms and Yakima Valley Hops for this cool experiment featuring our workhorse, clean Kveik-sourced yeast OSLO!

Gizmo brewed two almost identical IPAs, but one was dry-hopped with traditional hop pellets while the other utilized a new suped-up version of El Dorado hops from YVH called LUPOMAX.

You can brew it yourself using this recipe provided by Gizmo! This recipe used the LUPOMAX version of El Dorado hops.

5 Gallon Batch

8.5 lb Pale 2 Row
1.5 lb Maris Otter
1.5 lb Flaked Oats
14 oz Crystal 20L
5 oz Honey Malt
6 oz Corn Sugar
3 oz Lactose

.15 oz El Dorado LUPOMAX(18% AA) First Wort Hop

A 40-min whirlpool with timed additions of El Dorado:

.5 oz at flameout
.5 oz after 10 min
.66 oz after 20 min
1 oz after 30 min
1.5 oz after 35 min

And finally a 7 oz dry hop of El Dorado 3 days before packaging.

OSLO yeast! [Substitutions: NEEPAH Blend, Classic English, Classic American, Classic New England]

Est. OG: 1.071
IBU: 68
Est. ABV: 7.4%

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