RECIPE: EMBRACE THE FUNK OPEN – An Open-fermented, Dark Sour Wheat Ale

Our collaboration beer with Embrace the Funk, Open, was envisioned utilizing a weizenbock grain bill. We then ran that wort into ETF’s coolship and pitched with a local yeast strain from Nashville zip code 37211. After three days the beer was transferred to Syrah red wine barrels for over a year.

We loved this beer, which topped out at 9.2% ABV and included spicy barrel notes and some bright, citrusy acidity.

We’ve adapted the recipe for our homebrewing friends below! You can go with a classic Belgian or saison culture – like OB Belgian or Saison Parfait – for a non-sour version, or mix it up with some funky blends to get it closer to the original.

RECIPE: 5 Gallon Batch

Mash on lower end (149F) for a dry, straight forward ale. Mash on the higher end (155F) if adding a mixed culture.

6 lb Pilsner
6 lb White Wheat
.66 lb Munich (Dark or Light)
.66 lb Crystal 60L
.66 lb Special B
.33 lb Pale Chocolate

60-min Boil

2 oz Hallertau Mittelfruh (3.75% AA) @ 60 min

1 oz Hallertau Mittelfruh @ 30 min


Nashville Local Yeast, OB Belgian or Saison Parfait + Sour Solera Blend

[Substitutions: Mad Fermentationist Blend, BETA Berliner Blend]

Est. OG: 1.073
IBU: 30
Est. FG: 1.005
Est. ABV: 8.9%

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