Homebrew Cultures Available: Now with Moden!

Homebrew Cultures are available NOW!

That’s right, we got a little wild and decided to package up some of our favorite core cultures and BETAs and make them available at this very moment. 

If you see a culture available on our website it is in inventory and available to ship. Our goal will be to ship orders received within 24 hours of when they’re placed. If you need us to hold off shipping please leave a note in your order comments.

This also means that there will be a limited supply of packs, so make sure to get your orders in early…because when they’re gone, they’re gone.

All homebrew cultures qualify for 🚀 FAST Flat Rate Shipping 🚀 with expected delivery in two days with no order minimum!

We’re especially excited about a few cultures this release:

  • Double NEEPAH V2 (Now with MODEN!): We’ve been tinkering with Double NEEPAH for a while now and felt it needed one more extra shot of awesomeness. We dropped in a dose of MODEN, and the speed results are intense. MODEN has supercharged a blend that was already popping with citrus fruit, and somehow it now even ferments faster and handles higher gravities. We’re really hyped about MODEN, so stay tuned for a potential standalone release of this powerful culture.

➡️ Pitching at Ale temps until active fermentation ⬇️ Cooling to Lager temps for two days ⬆️ Warming up to Ale and/or Kveik temps until fermentation is complete

This will kick start fermentation but still allow for a quick, bright, lager-clean fermentation in a matter of days.

  • Sour Solera – Summer 2021 Edition: This variation ripped through our unhopped test batch to produce a 3.09 pH in less than a month, while creating a bright, lemon zest lactic sourness and fruity funk profile but still giving a bready malt undertone.

The full list of available homebrew cultures:

Free Mad Scientist sticker with purchase!

BETA: Double NEEPAH v2: Now with MODEN

BETA: Berliner Blend

BETA: OB Belgian Yeast

BETA: REGAL Lager Yeast Blend

OSLO (Standard)

The Mad Fermentationist Saison Blend

Saison Parfait: New World Saison Blend


Sour Solera Blend (New Summer 2021!)

Sour Weapon L (Lactobacillus plantarum blend)

Sour Weapon P (Pediococcus pentosaceus blend)

Funk Weapon #2

Funk Weapon #3

The Times They Are A Changin’

One of the many unfortunate side effects of the Covid-19 world is inflation for raw materials and manufactured goods, even for awesome things like brewing cultures. We have kept our homebrew pricing consistent for Bootleg’s existence, but we can’t avoid the inevitable any longer. Starting with this launch, our packs will be $11.99, which should be fairly consistent with what you see on the shelf at your LHBS for Bootleg products. 

Every time you support Bootleg you’re helping us push the envelope of the brewing world. Whether it’s releasing brand new cultures that are entirely unique to brewing or by allowing us to keep plugging away at our free-to-the-world passion project, the Local Yeast Project.

As always we thank you SO MUCH for your continued support of Bootleg Biology. We cannot express how grateful we are for your help spreading the word about this fun, little adventure we call Bootleg Biology. 

Mad Scientist Sticker

As a special bonus for this homebrew release, we’ve printed up a slew of stickers showcasing our Mad Scientist hard at work growing microbes. 

A free sticker will be included with every order!

Brew Your Own

I did a thing and wrote a fun article on Yeast Wrangling in the September 2021 issue of Brew Your Own Magazine

With a focus on harvesting yeast from homebrew batches and bottles, it’s chock full of helpful advice for improving your yeast game.  

BYO inspired me endlessly in my early homebrewing days, so it’s such a cool honor to now be published there.

Recipe Section

One of our most common homebrewer requests is for recipes, and we’ve heard you! 

We’ve started off by compiling 5 gallon recipes versions of collabs Bootleg has done with Pro Breweries. 

Check out these fun recipes for a Hazy IPA with OSLO (Gizmo Brew Works, Raleigh, NC) and a Dark Sour Wheat Ale with Nashville Local Yeast (Yazoo Brewing/Embrace the Funk, Nashville, TN).

To Fermentation!

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