RECIPE: SOUTHERN GRIST PEACH PARFAIT – Sour Saison feat. Saison Parfait and Sour Weapon P

One of the first collabs in the books for Bootleg Biology was this delicious take on a sour saison from our neighbors at Southern Grist. You can substitute oak chips if a barrel isn’t in the cards for your homebrew set up.

RECIPE: 5 Gallons

6.5 lb Pils
2 lb White Wheat
.5 lb Flaked Oats
.5 kb Acidulated Malt

Mash 150F for 60 min

60-min boil

4 oz Citra at Flame Out

Knocked out into 15gallon oak barrel, pitched Bootleg Biology Saison Parfait & Sour Weapon P.

Upon terminal gravity, added ~2lb/gal fresh peaches & .5-1 vanilla bean/gal (split and scraped).

Bottled & Conditioned. 

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