Our Biggest Homebrew Pre-Sale Starts Nov 8, Noon CT

Our Winter 2021 Homebrew Culture Pre-Sale starts Monday, November 8 at NOON CT and closes on Sunday, November 14. We’re planning to ship orders between the weeks of December 6 and December 13.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated on shipping timelines as some things may cause delays that are out of our control. You will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number when your order ships.

We must have had wayyyy too many PSLs already since the weather turned because in the midst of the fast approaching holiday season, we decided to just go ahead and do the biggest. Homebrew. Release. In. Bootleg. History. 

We’re not holding anything back. This release is the whole shebang. The Big Yeastowski. The Culture Bowl. Mount Everyeast. All your favorites will be available, AND you’ll be guaranteed to get them because we’re doing a pre-sale of every culture we package for homebrew with no order limits!

To make this release extra special, we spent the past several months designing and test-brewing 18 variations of our favorite rare and historical styles and pared them down to 5 fantastic cultures.

We know you’re going to love these never-before-released BETA cultures:

German Gose Blend: A great way to knock out clean-tasting, mixed culture beer quickly without kettle souring! Produce traditional-tasting German Goses, or get rid of the fuss of making fruited or milkshake sours by dropping the kettle sour process entirely.

Belgian Farmhouse Blend: It’s not farmhouse if it’s not funky! This blend delivers a unique mix of funk, bright acidity and delightful ester and spice to recreate delicate styles of complex, evolving beer. This is a general purpose mixed culture for saisons, grisettes and any Belgian farmhouse beers that require authentic mixed-culture fermentations that incorporate Brett and Lactic Acid Bacteria.

Old Ale Blend: There are few beer styles that show the perfect blending of time, malt and microbes like English Old Ale. Sometimes aged for years, this style is big, bold, malty, sweet and FUNKY. This original blend of Ale and Brett cultures produces a mild leather and dried apricot funk that nicely compliments this malty and boozy rare English ale style.

Grodziskie Blend (AKA Gratzer): Referred to as a “smoky pilsner”: this traditional style is hoppy, low alcohol, mildly smoky, effervescent, and highly drinkable. This blend of a rare traditional Polish yeast strain and a malty lager culture produces a bready but nuanced flavor profile with a touch of pear and sulfur.

Kakheti Wild Ale Yeast: This pure culture was sourced from a natural wine fermented in traditional kverbi (large clay urns) in an ancient wine growing region in the country of Georgia. This is a rare strain that has never been released before publicly. Creates delicate honey and white wine esters with a subtle white pepper profile. Great for farmhouse styles, natural wines or as a primary yeast in mixed culture beers.

Or grab the whole lot of new BETAs for a one-time discounted price.

Not Experimental Enough for You?

We’ve revived past Betas, including the ever-popular REGAL and the recently tinkered-with Double NEEPAH. All of these are available for pre-order as well! Don’t sleep on house favorite OB Belgian. 

Bootleg Classics

We said EVERYTHING would be available right? When you want those go-to, no-nonsense workhorse yeasts, the Classics line has you covered. Did we mention Classic New England helped BKS Artisan Ales take down a GABF Silver in Hazy Double IPA this year?

Try these favorites in these styles for a unique take:


Non-traditional Lagers

Quick and Long Term Sour Beer Brewing

Farmhouse Beers and Saisons


Cover That Noggin

We can’t all embrace the warm hug of a PSL whenever we want one, so the more practical lot of us uses these Yeast Wrangler-Approved beanies to keep us warm. Perfect stocking stuffers, or save on stockings and just stuff the beanie with goodies this holiday season! Yeast wrangle in your favorite color:  Black, Navy Blue, Red, Gray, Highlighter Yellow, Highlighter Green!

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