RECIPE: FerMENTORS Series – Jester King Brewery

Within a catalog of legendary beers, Jester King’s Le Petit Prince uniquely stands out as an oak-aged, Belgian-style table beer refermented on fruit.

What better way to show off this rare culture than by highlighting its use in a beer with such beautiful, delicate flavors.

Jester King’s Culture is now available for the first time exclusively from Bootleg Biology!

LPP on the farm in Austin, TX

Batch size: 5 Gallons (20L)

O.G. 1.023

F.G. 1.000

Target ABV: 2.9 %

I.B.U. 27

Mash Temp: 149F (65C)

Efficiency: 75%


Pale Malt – 3.5 lbs (1.6kg) – 78%

Wheat Malt – 1 lbs (.5kg) – 22%


East Kent Goldings – 0.7 oz (20g)- 5% AA – 60 min addition

Fuggles – 0.5 oz (14g) – 4.5% AA – 10 min addition

Fuggles – 1 oz (28g) – 4.5% AA – Flameout/Whirlpool

Saaz – 4 oz (113g) – Dry Hop – 3.5% AA – Dry Hop


Jester King Brewery Culture

Primary ferment between 6-10 weeks.

Package once the gravity has stabilized as close as possible to 1.000. When ready, add enough dextrose to reach an average CO2 level of 3 volumes. If available, and a small amount of the Jester King Culture during packaging to ensure proper refermentation.

Wait at least 3 weeks after packaging for beers to condition and carbonate. Any off-flavors will dissipate with additional aging

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