Introducing The FerMENTORS Series: Starting March 21

The Short and Skinny

Our Spring 2022 Homebrew Culture Presale starts Monday, March 21st at Noon CT (1pm ET) and ends Sunday, March 27.

Culture Release Details

Alright, take a DEEP breath. Because this one is a DOOZY. We are ridiculously excited to announce the debut of Bootleg Biology’s FerMENTORS Series.

Bootleg has been in the yeast culture game long enough to have made friends with some very talented brewers. This allows us to bring YOU cultures that have never before been available commercially.

The FerMENTORS Series is a culture collaboration of EPIC proportions:

House yeast and bacteria cultures from our favorite mixed-fermentation breweries. From spontaneous, local terroir to artfully inoculated fermentations, these cultures were carefully curated by the best of the best in wild and sour brewing.

What’s even more amazing, Bootleg has cultured and banked these rare cultures in situ. Meaning, these are the very cultures the brewers themselves are using for their amazing beers.

While bottle dregs are a great way to source fun bugs, they usually are different and missing some of the original cultures that fermented the beer (alcohol, CO2, and acidity are toxic over time to these little critters).

What you’re getting in the FerMENTORS is a completely unique mixed culture that directly came from the brewers themselves. So sit back and enjoy the fermentation ride.

As a fun source of inspiration, we’ve teamed up with each brewery to publish a recipe they feel perfectly compliments the use of their house cultures.

But Wait There’s More

Thanks to the positive response, we’ve graduated more BETA cultures into our core lineup: REGAL, Double NEEPAH, Berliner Blend, and OB Belgian.

And here’s the FULL Spring 2022 Homebrew Culture Presale lineup:


Bootleg Classics


Non-traditional Lagers, Crispy Bois and Cold IPAs

Quick and Long Term Sour Beer Brewing

Farmhouse Beers and Saisons


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