🤩 😲 BIG NEWS From Bootleg! 😲 🤩

We’ve got exciting news, so let’s get right to it. 

Beginning TODAY, you can snag our core lineup of award-winning homebrew cultures year-round on bootlegbiology.com! 

PLUS, to keep things exciting we’ll rotate in new or old favorites from our Classic, Seasonal and BETA cultures to inspire your brewing throughout the year. 

The pipeline of new BETA cultures will continue to be chock full of exciting and rare cultures only from Bootleg Biology.

Your support has kept us incredibly busy over the past 10 years. That’s made it difficult for homebrewers to get their favorite strains from us.

That’s no longer the case. 

So what’s in the core lineup? And what will be available seasonally?

We’ll have three product “seasons” just like before. The difference is you don’t have to plan around pre-ordering and can purchase at any time at bootlegbiology.com!

Once we switch seasons, the previous season’s releases won’t be available again this year, so plan accordingly!


With this new year-round availability, there may be times we sell out of cultures that should be in season. To solve this issue, you can now backorder any culture listed in the homebrew shop. 

This means we’ll hold your shipment until a fresh, new batch of any out-of-stock item has been made and packed – typically around two weeks after it goes out of stock. Then we’ll ship your full order including any products that were in stock at the time of ordering to help you save on shipping costs. 

Spring 2023 Releases

Alright you get it, so what’s available RIGHT NOW?! Y’all loved the summer of lagers in 2022, so this year we decided to let you get a jump on summer by getting all your specialty lager cultures in Spring, including a new culture!


Classic Series

  • *NEW* Mustange Kolsch
    • This classic Kolsch strain delivers clean, highly quaffable beers at ale temperatures, but especially shines after a lagering period post-primary fermentation. 


Core Lineup

In order to better meet demand, we’ve added our Classic New England culture to the year-round core lineup! This Conan isolate is known for it’s unique stonefruit ester profile, and helped our pro friends BKS Artisan Ales take a silver at GABF for Double Hazy IPA!

Listen to BKS’s thoughts on our specific strain of Conan on the Craft Beer and Brewing Podcast at the 58:50 mark. 

In addition, these cultures are now available ALL THE TIME:

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