๐Ÿ“œ๐Ÿ“œ These Cultures Belong In A Museum! ๐Ÿ“œ๐Ÿ“œ

Bootleg Biology is 10 years old!

And that means we’re going on an adventure….

To kick off our year-long celebration, weโ€™ve raided the deepest parts of our bank.

Like so deep we were dodging giant boulders and swapping golden idols. Some of these cultures were booby trapped.

Our yeast wranglers even took a few poison darts to the neck, but ultimately, “Box A” from the frozen, vine-encrusted bank was unearthed, and an ancient scroll titled โ€œlab logโ€ deciphered what we had found: the very first cultures ever banked by Bootleg Biology.

Were the legends true?

Vol. 1 Wranglers of the Lost Bank

Beginning this month, Vol. 1 will be available in the shop, featuring THREE NEW BETAS from the very beginning of Bootleg’s history…….

St. Westofus

Long thought to be the holy grail, this cultureโ€™s whereabouts were part of the impetus to exhume the long-buried โ€œBox Aโ€ from our bank. Just what was hiding in there? A culture indeed suitable for heavenly Belgian singels, dubbels, tripels and quads. Notes of burnt caramel will fill the aroma and give way to soft toffee and pear flavors. Slightly phenolic. 


Originally unearthed at 2013 HomebrewCon in Philadelphia. The name of the game with Pithos is citrus zest. Our panel highly identified lime as a characteristic. Pithos will produce a crispy beer perfect for summer. Plays well with both noble and new world hops. 

Trail Glazer

Born from a bottle on the road between Ghent and Brussels. A sweet, citrus fruit ester profile with background of baking spices. A beautiful artifact of saison brewing.

Our in-house testing loved this culture when used with a mixture of base malts for added complexity. Try utilizing wheat and add some Vienna or Munich to your grist with some light noble hopping. 

These three new BETAS will drop in July along with our regularly scheduled Classic Series and rotating Bootleg cultures. 

New and “Old” Favorites

Check out our rotating yeasts this cycle: 


THE classic hefeweizen yeast from THAT thousand-year-old brewery in Germany. We couldnโ€™t think of a better culture for both the summer heat and our focus on finding the oldest cultures we have. Produces the quintessential banana and clove esters of weissbier. Ferment at hotter temperatures to push the banana flavor, or keep it cooler to maintain a spicy balance. 

Sour Weapon P

This culture blend of two unique strains of Pediococcus pentosaceus is part of our LYP collection because it was sourced entirely from the wild.Perfect for quickly acidifying unhopped wort for kettle sours or co-pitching with yeast.

After succeeding in their mission to unearth the best of the past, our adventuring crew wasnโ€™t quite satisfied with only these nice clean strains.

They pushed through some funky terrain and found themselves in a wild place. In the next few weeks, weโ€™ll have the results of that second mission. Coming in early August:

Vol. 2 Temple of Funk 

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