๐Ÿ†•๐Ÿ†•๐Ÿ†• Winter BETA Cultures are here!

Open-Sourced Blends

So far, we’ve been digging through our bank for ancient treasures during our 10-year anniversary celebration, but what if we looked to the future?

What if we collaborated with the homebrewing community to deliver a brand new product never before seen?

You’ve probably guessed by now that’s exactly what we did!

We teamed up with the intrepid homebrew explorers on r/homebrewing to devise an IPA blend worth seeking. You can read about our experiments to derive the cultures used in the blend HERE

The results are a culture that leans heavily into its English-ester roots, but also includes faint, pleasant phenolics that give your hazy IPAs an extra somethin’ somethin’.

BUT, we weren’t done with an IPA blend. 

As suggested in the ORIGINAL POST, we also devised a new blend of kveik and LAB cultures for a quick-souring culture that bursts with lemon-lime acidity and guava notes. 

And speaking of guava notes, the kveik strain used in the sour blend is none other than MODEN – our Skare isolate that packs a huge guava punch. We’re releasing Moden as an isolate for the first time ever!

Dropping TODAY, Nov. 13, you can snag all three of our new BETAs and set yourself up for a winter of success. 

  • Secret Clubhouse
    • The IPA blend to rule them all! Primarily English yeast with a dash of two cultures of Belgian origin. Delivers a familiar English flavor with faint Belgian esters and phenolics. A hazy lover’s dream. 
  • Sour Weapon Ultra
    • Moden + all the Bootleg LAB you love (Sour Weapons L + P). Produces a lemon-lime profile that hits the sweet spot for fruiting or dry hopping post-fermentation. 
  • Moden
    • Kveik isolate from a Skare culture that bursts with guava flavor. Perfect for IPAs and flavorful ales. 

The Yeast The Built Craft Beer

Our rotating Classic series yeast for winter is Classic American! You may just know it as Chico.ย 

The yeast that took America by storm in pale ales, stouts and IPAs has never REALLY gone out of style. It just hibernated for a while.

Use the new Secret Clubhouse blend for a hazy, and grab some Classic American to make all your West Coast IPA dreams come true. 

And lastly, we’ll mix it up with a Bootleg classic. 

Chardonnay makes its triumphant return this cycle!

Chardonnay was harvested from its namesake grape and produces mild phenolics with a touch of citrus and banana. Customers love it for blondes, pale ales and IPAs. 

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