Become A Contributor

So you want to become a Contributor? Pickup one of Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kits to find a culture or send in your sample.

After a viable, unique yeast or wild bug culture is received by Bootleg Biology, you will be confirmed and can begin receiving your benefits.

Please do not send any unsolicited samples. We love wild cultures but need to verify the source before beginning work on your sample.

Contributor Benefits

All contributors (of any captured sample) get recognition on the Contributors list as a Bootleg Biology Contributor, with a link from your name to your preferred web presence (blog, Instagram/Twitter handle, etc).

For those captured samples/contributions that are viable brewing strains, we’ll provide a one-to-one exchange of anything in the Bootleg Biology Local Yeast Project Culture Bank or Homebrew Cultures library with shipping fees waived.

For those captured samples that require isolation (e.g. mixed cultures, or swabbed but not isolated samples), Bootleg Biology will attempt to isolate a pure culture from your sample.  If successful, we’ll send you back your own isolated culture!

Last but not least, first-time contributors of viable brewing strains will receive a one-time 25% discount off all Bootleg Biology merch and swag. Once we’ve confirmed your strain is viable, we’ll send you your discount code.

*By becoming a Contributor you agree to our Terms & Conditions. They’re pretty straight-forward, and we hope make sense based on our mission.