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Commercial Pitches

Interested in Bootleg Biology supplying cultures for your brewery, winery or distillery?

We produce directly pitchable brewing yeast, Brett, wild yeast, bacteria and mixed cultures for 1BBL to 30BBL sized fermentations. Place a commercial pitch order directly through our website.

We ship exclusively with FedEx. Next Day Ground is available to customers in TN, KY, & AL. Two Day Ground shipping available to nearly half of the U.S. Yes, we’re able to ship internationally!

We can create custom yeast & bacteria pitches from any available culture in our bank for no additional cost!

Gluten Free propagation is available for all commercial pitch orders. Perfect for commercial seltzer, cider, kombucha and wine fermentations. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We’ll contact you shortly!

Commercial Services

Bootleg Biology’s lab is equipped with advanced tools and equipment for culture propagation, banking and brewery quality control testing. We want to use our expertise to help Craft Breweries without a full lab make the best beer possible! We offer:

    • House Culture Banking: Permanently bank your house yeast or bacteria in pure or mixed culture form within a laboratory-grade freezer, ensuring no mutations. Have a clean beer accidentally pick up contamination and the results are surprisingly good? Don’t lose those magic bugs! We can save them for future use. All banked yeast, bacteria and mixed cultures can be propped up to 30 BBL pitches (and often larger). Your house culture is 100% yours, and will not be distributed without your permission.
    • Contamination Check: Verify that pure culture beer in fermenter, brite or package is free from yeast or bacterial contaminants. Detect low level microbial contaminants like wild yeast with the diastaticus gene or lactic acid bacteria before they sour, over carbonate or create off-flavors in sold product. Agar plating & PCR detection options available.
    • Gluten Testing: Receive rapid, reliable results to determine gluten levels of your fermented beverage. Testing your gluten-free products ensures you meet FDA requirements and protects the health of your customers. One business day turnaround available.
    • IBU (bitterness): Independently verify hops and hopping procedures are generating the projected IBUs. Help verify brews are consistent, shelf-stable and marketing materials are accurate!
    • SRM (color): Measure the color of beer samples from packaged product for internal QC reference or marketing.
    • Yeast Cell Counts & Viability Check: Take the guess work out of determining proper repitching amounts. Low-viability and improper pitch counts are some of the most common reasons for poor fermentations and off-flavors. (Middle Tennessee Area Only)
    • CIP Verification: Clean with confidence! Immediately determine if your CIP and other brewery cleaning procedures are actually effective by measuring for ATP on soft parts and CIP rinse water. (Middle Tennessee Area Only)
  • Local Yeast Capturing, Culturing, Banking & Genetic Sequencing: Love local yeast? Why not have your own house culture? We can either visit your area to capture local yeast samples or can culture and isolate a sample sent by you. Cultures can then be permanently banked and propped for your future use. Additionally, we can have a portion of your culture’s genome sequenced; the most accurate way of determining the species of a local culture.

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