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DIYeast: How To Wrangle Yeast


Ready to take your brewing to the next level? Looking to get the benefits of being a Bootleg Biology Contributor?

Pickup Bootleg Biology’s Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit. Everything the experimental homebrewer needs to capture wild bugs, create agar plates, and isolate wild yeast. Then…

  1. You’ll want to Capture Your Own Wild Yeast
  2. If you’ve done that, then you might as well Create an Agar Plate
  3. So you can then Isolate a Pure Yeast Culture
  4. And then Bank Microbes, pretty much forever.
  5. What kind of microbe do you have? Compare and contrast with pictures in our Microbe Portrait Gallery.


Also, check out these homebrew yeast blogs for good information on how to cultivate and isolate yeast and wild bugs:


So you’ve got the wild yeast or bugs, now what? Check out these homebrew pioneers of brewing world-class sour and funky beers. The first two have now used their experience to consult for commercial breweries starting up sour programs.