Local Yeast Project

The french call it “terroir”, we call it the Local Yeast Project™.

Bootleg Biology is the first organization to pioneer the collection and cultivation of official local yeast strains for every U.S. postal code and country across the globe, beginning with the original S. Arlingtonesis™.

If you want to make a truly local beer, you’ve got to have a local yeast. And with that local yeast you can make a beer with a taste and aroma that is totally unique to where you live or travel. Every region across the globe is chock full of unique and wild yeast ready and willing to make a lunch out of your barley sugar.

To get started on your journey, check out our DIYeast section or pick up a Backyard Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit.

The below LYP Culture tables represent the growing list of captured wild samples that have officially been cultured and banked in Bootleg Biology’s diverse library.

You could be the next yeast wrangler featured on our Contributors Page – Check out the Become a Contributor page to become a part of Bootleg Biology!

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