Adjunct Stout – Commercial Pitch


BBENG2 – Adjunct Stout

Commercial Pitch Sizes Available: 1BBL, 2BBL, 5BBL, 10BBL, 15BBL, 20BBL, 30BBL

Source:  Classic English Brewery

Adjunct Stout delivers the goods: a sweet, flavorful malty beer that is the perfect canvas for showcasing flavorful adjuncts like coffee, chocolate, fruit, coconut, and the hottest flavors in the cereal aisle.

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Catalog: BBENG2 – Adjunct Stout English Yeast

Brewing Info*:

  • Type:  Ale Yeast; Saccharomyces cerevisiae (non-STA1)
  • Pitching Rate: Directly pitchable into 1.050 or lower wort
  • Estimated Attenuation: 65-72%
  • Estimated Final pH: 4.2.-4.3
  • Flavor/Aroma Profile: English ester driven, rich malt character
  • Flocculation: Medium
  • Recommended Fermentation Temperature: 64F-72F (18C-22C)

* Performance information subject to change due to ongoing testing.

Product Category: Bootleg Classic

Additional information

Weight.1875 lbs
Dimensions8 × .5 × 8 in
Pitch Size

1 BBL, 2 BBL, 5 BBL, 10 BBL, 15 BBL, 20 BBL, 30 BBL


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