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Source: Isolated yeast from a Hornindal mixed culture

The perfect yeast for homebrewers with no temperature control! Use AURORA for worry-free fermentations. Just pitch it and ditch it!

AURORA creates pleasant orange and citrus esters that perfectly complement beers like IPAs made with fruit-forward hops.

Easily produce rounded, complex beers at temperatures as high as 98F (37C) without being phenolic or having noticeable off flavors. At the high end of fermentation temperature, beers can finish attenuating in as little as three days!

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Brewing Info*:

  • Type: Brewer’s Yeast. Saccharomyces cerevisiae monoculture
  • Pitching Rate: Directly pitchable into 5 gallons of 1.050 or lower wort
  • Estimated Attenuation: 76-86%; attenuation will increase with higher fermentation temps or with successive repitches
  • Estimated Final pH: 4.3-4.6
  • Flavor/Aroma Profile: Subtle Orange & Citrus Zest
  • Flocculation: Medium
  • Recommended Fermentation Temperature: 75F-98F (24C-37C); colder temperatures may result in higher final gravities

* Performance information subject to change due to ongoing testing.

Product Category: Dusty Bottoms Collection™

The Dusty Bottoms Collection™ is our ode to unique and hard to find cultures sourced from commercial fermentations. As much as we love local yeast, there are just some flavors and aromas that can’t be reproduced by plucking yeast out of thin air.

Many of these cultures have been used for generations to make some of the most consistently wonderful beverages in the world. Whether it’s brewer’s yeast, Brettanomyces, or Lactobacillus…these aren’t Local Yeast by our definition, but certainly were local at one time.

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4 reviews for AURORA

  1. William Ghozali (verified owner)

    Pitched into 90F Wort (SMaSH with Maris Otter and Strata), 1.045 OG. Was at 1.006 FG (temp corrected) about 36 hours later. I left it for another 36 hours just because it felt weird to keg in less than two days ha. It smelled quite acidic during the fermentation, resulting beer is 90% clean with tropical notes with about 10% banana and spice. Not sure if the banana/spice aroma is a due to contamination (I brew many saisons)? Either way the beer still rocks so I’m still stoked. Harvested the yeast and plan on using it as my house yeast.

  2. Dennis (verified owner)

    Fermented with temp control that kept it between 88 and 92F. Very fast fermentation, flocculates pretty well and looks like an English yeast in the fermenter. The resulting brut IPA style beer was carbonated overnight and served 6 days post-pitch. Fairly clean flavor profile with low levels of what I’d call saison or witte spice character, quite orangey as described. It does a good job, next I’m testing at a bit of a lower temp to see how it affects flavor as I’d prefer less spice than that, if it comes out the same it will still be great choice for many recipes with that little bit of spice. Still, very nice yeast and it feels magical that it works so fast and comes out as clean as it does at 90F.

    Also, I dessicated it via air drying on a kviekstokk (chunk of wood) and repitched 3 weeks later, it worked very well. After dunking the wood into the next batch fermentation took off within 24h.

  3. Andrew

    Produced a nice beer that fermented quickly at ambient garage temperature in Florida (80+ degrees). For a hazy pale ale the beer presented no off flavors; however, did end up a little on the tart side and with some low levels of a Belgian (slightly spicy) character. If I were to compare the profile to another yeast I would say it was similar to a mild wit character and the pale ale came out somewhere between a hazy pale ale and a white ipa.

  4. Jimmy (verified owner)

    I pitched a 9-10 month old pouch into some runnings on brew day. It took a while after pitching to get going but fermented all the way just like the other half using standard English ale yeast. The standard yeast came out clean and bitter in my pale ale and the Aurora is super fruity (I’m leaning towards mango) and comes across as half as bitter.

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