Classic English *BETA*


BBENG1 – Classic English *BETA*

Availability: Limited, Bootleg BETA. This is potentially a one-time only release based on response.

Source:  English brewery known for pub-style ales

Classic English produces soft, juicy, and tropical fruit flavors when fermenting beers made with citrusy hops. This culture has become the de facto standard for making hazy New England-style IPAs in addition to the Classic New England culture. Ideal for fermenting Milkshake IPA, Brut IPA and other IPA sub-styles.

Traditionally used for making ester-drive Porters, Stouts, Pale Ales, Bitters, and most English-style ales.

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Please note that temperatures may vary wildly during shipment and after delivery. We highly recommend shipping to a person/location that can immediately refrigerate the culture once delivered.

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Catalog: BBENG1 – Classic English *BETA*

Brewing Info*:

  • Type:  Ale Yeast; Saccharomyces cerevisiae (non-STA1)
  • Pitching Rate: Directly pitchable into 5 gallons of 1.050 or lower wort
  • Estimated Attenuation: 72-76%
  • Estimated Final pH: 4.2.-4.3
  • Flavor/Aroma Profile: English ester driven, juicy, tropical
  • Flocculation: Low
  • Recommended Fermentation Temperature: 64F-72F (18C-22C)

* Performance information subject to change due to ongoing testing.

Product Category: Bootleg BETA

This culture is part of our Bootleg BETA program. We have done limited testing and are not ready to officially release this culture. So let us know what you think! If it’s awesome…or you hate it..leave a comment on the product page. If you like it, we might rerelease this Bootleg BETA culture officially.

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