Funk Weapon #1

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BB0034A – Funk Weapon™ Series: #1

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Source: West Flanders, Belgium brewery specializing in funky, sour, mixed-fermentation beers.

This rare, and commercially unavailable yeast isolate, produces pungent horse blanket and fresh leather aromas. Perfect for breaking out the funk in farmhouse-style beers.

[You can’t make every style of beer with one or two strains of brewer’s yeast, so why would you only use only one or two strains for your funky beers? This is the first release in the Dusty Bottoms Collection’s ongoing Funk Weapon™ Series of unique, rare Brettanomyces and Brett-like wild yeast cultures.]

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Catalog: BB0034A – Funk Weapon™ Series: #1

Brewing Info*:

  • Type: Yeast. Brettanomyces bruxellensis variant
  • Pitching Rate: Directly pitchable into 5 gallons of 1.050 or lower wort
  • Estimated Attenuation: 80%-95%
  • Estimated Final pH: 3.9-4.4
  • Flavor/Aroma Profile: Horse Blanket, Fresh Leather
  • Flocculation: Low to Medium
  • Recommended Fermentation Temperature: Normal Ale Temperatures

* Performance information subject to change due to ongoing testing.

Product Category: Dusty Bottoms Collection™

The Dusty Bottoms Collection™ is our ode to unique and hard to find cultures sourced from commercial fermentations. As much as we love local yeast, there are just some flavors and aromas that can’t be reproduced by plucking yeast out of thin air.

Many of these cultures have been used for generations to make some of the most consistently wonderful beverages in the world. Whether it’s brewer’s yeast, Brettanomyces, or Lactobacillus…these aren’t Local Yeast by our definition, but certainly were local at one time.

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Weight.1875 lbs
Dimensions5 × .5 × 8 in

2 reviews for Funk Weapon #1

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    Certainly Funky. When fermented open, cool, and long this strain produces vinous/fruity aromas with an acid bite, similar to a sweet tart. Warmer and shorter fermentation will favor the leather/caprylic flavors that you may be looking for.

  2. Beerbecue7 (verified owner)

    I co-pitched Funk Weapon #1 in a hoppy saison, recipe below. For the sacc strain I used Wallonian III. Keg dry hop, then transfer to keg condition for 4 months. It turned out great. Somewhere along the lines of ‘Merica, but more leather and Orval-like funk. The Brett seemed to play well with the hops nicely, too. Complementary funk along with ripe fruit and floral character. I’ve used other fruitier tending Brett strains in my hoppy saison bretts in the past, but I was quite pleased with the results with this more funky strain and will definitely use it again.

    Batch Size 5.25 Gallons
    Boil Size 7.50 Gallons @ 90 min
    OG 1.055
    FG 1.006 (funk weapon dropped it lower in keg condition)
    Color 4.4° SRM
    Efficiency 75%
    Bitterness 21.5 IBU (tinseth)
    BG:GU 0.39
    Alcohol 6.4% ABV

    83% Pilsner
    9% Rye
    5% Golden Naked Oats
    4% Acidulated Malt

    0.4 Columbus Pellet Boil 60 minutes
    0.5 Amarillo Pellet Flame Out 20 min hop stand down to 180
    0.5 Citra Pellet Flame Out “
    0.5 Nelson Sauvin Pellet Flame Out “
    0.5 Amarillo Pellet Second 15 min hop stand at 160
    0.5 Citra Pellet “
    0.5 Nelson Sauvin Pellet “
    1 Amarillo Pellet Dry Hop
    1 Citra Pellet Dry Hop
    1 Nelson Sauvin Pellet Dry Hop

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