American Homebrewers Assocation

NHC 2014 Wrap Up 6

Tickle your eyes and ears by experiencing the Bootleg Brew Science presentation through the power of the interwebs…get the recipe for Berliner Bear so you can brew your own dark quick sour at home…and so much more!

DIY Yeast Ranching, AHA Rally, & New Contributors 1

I recently had the honor of giving a presentation on “Backyard Yeast Ranching Techniques” at the DC Homebrewers BBQ . I’ve taken that information and have begun incorporating it into the DIY section of, starting with the first installment, Capturing Yeast. “Creating Plates”, and “Isolating Yeast”, pages will be posted in the […]

National Homebrew Conference 2013

Philadelphia, PA – When thousands of jolly-faced, and (mostly) bearded people show up in a city looking to talk fermentation…you know it must be the National Homebrew Conference. For three days in June, Philly was awash with hordes of homebrewers looking to imbibe, discuss and further hone their craft. Bootleg Biology’s humble […]