Embrace The Funk

RECIPE: EMBRACE THE FUNK OPEN – An Open-fermented, Dark Sour Wheat Ale

Our collaboration beer with Embrace the Funk, Open, was envisioned utilizing a weizenbock grain bill. We then ran that wort into ETF’s coolship and pitched with a local yeast strain from Nashville zip code 37211. After three days the beer was transferred to Syrah red wine barrels for over a […]

Yeast Wrangling Season! New Cultures, Services & Bootleg at Homebrew Con!

Springs means it’s officially the start of Yeast Wrangling Season! We’re excited to announce our next Homebrew Culture release on May 16, featuring a new quick souring culture. We’ve launched Brewery Services. And come see our seminar, “What is wild yeast?” at Homebrew Con 2016 in Baltimore!