Bootleg Biology LLC is an open source yeast project, whose goal is the creation of the most diverse library of unique yeast and wild microbes for the creation of alcoholic beverages.

  • All visitors, users and contributors acknowledge by their use of Bootleg Biology materials and/or viewing bootlegbiology.com, that they are 21 years of age or older.
  • All cultures and the contents of containers provided to Contributors by Bootleg Biology are not for direct human consumption. Bootleg Biology LLC assumes no liability for improper use, and any users of Bootleg Biology products, materials, and cultures agree not to hold Bootleg Biology liable for their use, proper or otherwise.
  • Due to the nature of sourcing for all microbes: results cannot be guaranteed; any metrics provided for specific specimens or cultures are purely for informational purposes only; any cultures provided or sold cannot be guaranteed to produce a “clean fermentation” (i.e. free from industry termed “spoilage-causing” microbes).
  • Before consuming any beverage pitched with microbes, always verify a full, complete fermentation has occurred.
  • All cultures will be shipped with the goal of maintaining viability during transit, but due to the uncontrolled nature of shipping, no guarantee of viability can be made upon receipt. In the event of total loss of viability, Bootleg Biology LLC, at its discretion, will attempt to reship another culture sample.
  • Any Contributor who provides a culture to Bootleg Biology LLC for inclusion in our library retains full ownership and rights to distribute their original culture, but may not sell or market said culture by incorporating any references to Bootleg Biology, the culture ID or name associated with the culture on bootlegbiology.com unless specifically agreed to in writing by Bootleg Biology LLC.
  • Unless otherwise specifically agreed to by both parties in writing before cultures are received by Bootleg Biology LLC, by providing cultures to Bootleg Biology, Contributors agree to allow us to distribute, propagate, create derivative cultures, sell, name, market, list on bootlegbiology.com, or use however else is deemed fit to further the goals of the open-source yeast project, and surrender any claims to proceeds from Bootleg Biology activities.
  • Boot kickin’ flask and Local Yeast Project and Dusty Bottoms Collections logos, “Local Yeast Project”, super catchy “Grow Enough to be Dangerous” and “Local Yeast. Wild Bugs.” phrases, “Bootleg Biology”, “Open-Source Yeast Project”, “Local Yeast Project”, “Fermetrics”, “Dusty Bottoms Collection”, “Barrel Culture”, “Funk Weapon”, “Saison Parfait”, “Sour Weapon”, “S. arlingtonesis”, “Sour Solera”, & “The Magi” are trademarks of Bootleg Biology LLC. All content on bootlegbiology.com (text, blog posts, pages, images, photos, icons, etc) is copyright 2017 Bootleg Biology LLC.

If you have any questions about these terms & conditions (or anything else), please use the contact form.

Last Updated: April 10, 2017