Isolating Yeast

We’re Selling Our Soul

Luckily, Bootleg Biology’s soul is 100% yeast derived! The big news is that two of our strains (S. arlingtonesis & Pithos Lambic Blend) are now available for purchase at the DC Homebrew Shop. These are being created in very small quantities, so get them while they last. We made the […]

DIY Yeast Ranching, AHA Rally, & New Contributors 1

I recently had the honor of giving a presentation on “Backyard Yeast Ranching Techniques” at the DC Homebrewers BBQ . I’ve taken that information and have begun incorporating it into the DIY section of, starting with the first installment, Capturing Yeast. “Creating Plates”, and “Isolating Yeast”, pages will be posted in the […]